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I Teach: Snowboard, Snowboard (Freestyle)
Programs: Private Lessons, Group Lessons
Gender: Male
Age: 41
Years Teaching: 10
Certifications: AASI Snowboard Level III, PSIA-AASI Freestyle Accreditation Level I, Staff Trainer at Mount Snow, Voted Part-time Snowboard Instructor of the Year 2008
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Thank you for visiting my page. Teaching snowboarding is one of my passions. In particular, I love teaching beginners. I would absolutely be honored if I were able to spend time with you. I believe in designing my lessons all around you. I still consider myself a beginner at heart since I learned to ride at age 30.  Since then, I rose through the ranks at Mount Snow's Ski and Snowboard School and teach all ages from beginners to ripping trees and bumps to helping freestyle riders step up their game.  I am also one of the staff trainers, and enjoy helping other instructors with their teaching and personal riding. I also received my Level III certification from AASI, which was a very big achievement for me, as a part-timer.

When I am not on snow, I am usually chasing after my three kids (ages 10, 8, and 5) and have had a long career in marketing, advertising and startups in New York.  Also, much to the surprise of many, I have a degree in Philosophy from Harvard -- my parents are proud of the fact that neither my day jobs nor my weekend job uses the all that education!   

I founded ShredBetter in 2013 as a project of passion.  Guests pay a lot.  Pros work hard, but sometimes the match between them doesn't always work.  I wanted to build a site where that connection can work better for everyone with a little technology.   In fact, I love thinking about the intersection of business and snowsports.

Here is a small talk I gave once about how they may intersect:

I am so glad you are here, whether you book with me or any one of the pros here.  Please hit the contact me button too if you have any ideas about the site.
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Beginner Alex Narvaez Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Mar 10, 2017)
Mike was awesome. He takes his time and really helped me learn to snowboard. I loved it! Thanks Mike...Looking forward to my next lesson.

Beginner Ellie and Saide Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Feb 23, 2017)
Mike was so good with my kids, ages 10 & 13. They had fun and felt confident in their skills by the end if the session. I would recommend Mike for sure and will book him next time we are back to Mount Snow.

Advanced Tyler Varacchi Snowboard (Freestyle) in a Private Lesson (Feb 22, 2017)
Mike is a great instructor who helped me develop and execute tricks in the park using great strategies. I learned a great amount in a short time. Also he is a great photographer and personable guy.

Beginner Audry Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Feb 16, 2017)
Terrific and knowledgeable Instructor and Mike understood my specific injury and I have been boarding ever since. Mike is also not afraid of the park which I throughly enjoyed. Mike has the knowledge and skill to suit whatever type of riding you desire. If you want to learn and have a great time snowboarding Mike Ma and a snowboard is a must!!!

Beginner Samantha Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Jan 22, 2017)
I highly recommend Mike! He is an awesome instructor and really cares about the person/people he is teaching. He is personable and easy to talk to. He is funny and knows how to motivate you to do your very best. Snowboarding did not come easy to me but with Mike by my side I felt like a pro. Thanks for an awesome experience Mike!

Intermediate Cameron Bing Snowboard (Freestyle) in a Private Lesson (Jan 16, 2017)
Mike is a fantastic instructor he helped me improve immediately. He taught in a way that I could understand

Beginner Pam Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Dec 13, 2016)
As an avid skier, I thought that snowboarding would be "easy". It's not. But when you take the time to take a lesson, that changes EVERYTHING. Thank you Mike Ma for such a great lesson and improving my snowboarding skills so quickly, easily and not full of "too much information!!!" I will see you again!

Pro Chris Shea Snowboard (Mar 08, 2016)
Mike is an exceptionally talented teacher and a great rider! I admire him with how he sets up a very easy to understand progression to achieve simple goals for his snowboarding students. He can teach anything you ask and you will see immediate results!

Intermediate Cameron Paradiso Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Jan 01, 2016)
Mike is an amazing teacher and coach. Mike has been teaching my son (14 now) for the past three years. He leads with safety, but never stops challenging his skills. We request Mike every year.

Beginner Keith Romano Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Dec 30, 2015)
Today, during our Holiday break in Vermont, my son and I had a lesson with Mike Ma. I am so thankful to Mike for his patience and excellent teaching abilities especially with my son. Before the lesson my son was frustrated with snowboarding and not having fun. After our lesson with Mike my son said to me, "I love snowboarding and Mike is the best teacher. He is the first instructor that made snowboarding not frustrating and I had fun!" Mike is excellent with children and adults --Thank you Mike. We will see you again soon. Keithann and Kenny Romano

Advanced Terrence Pendergast Snowboard (Freestyle) in a Private Lesson (Nov 28, 2015)
Mike did a great job making sure that we got through the park and went through all the progressions that made me both stylish and safe. I would recommend him anytime for anyone. He also worked on my flat riding and I realized that they are all connected -- if I am a better flat rider, I am a better park rider. Super fun!

Beginner Alecka Kress Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Jan 07, 2015)
I warned Mike that I am a frustrated perfectionist & I would be his instructing disaster of the day. He accepted the challenge with enthusiasm! Within one minute he had added value to my snowboarding experience already (I was riding the board backwards, who knew!?) Mike was extremely knowledgeable & provided feedback & instruction that immediately improved my skill level. I had a great time & will be back for another lesson in the future!

Advanced Marissa Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Dec 30, 2014)
Mike is awesome! Down to earth, knowledgeable and fun! After an hour of riding with him in a lesson I went out on my own and everything clicked. I was doing some serious shredding! Thanks Mike!

Beginner Rich Snowboard (Feb 18, 2014)
He is the best teacher. He gets into everything in great depth, and you are able to cover many topics within one lesson.

Intermediate Scott Strasser Snowboard (Jan 22, 2014)
My wife and I had a great experience with Mike despite being at modestly different levels. He was able to give both of us practical feedback and suggestions on how we could improve our riding despite a short lesson and provided technical input in a way we could comfortably process and understand. We'd definitely take another lesson with him again!

Beginner Sam Cherfas Snowboard (Dec 26, 2013)
As a long time skiier, Mike helped me confidently transition to snowboarding. I had a great time and would definitely take another lesson with him!

Intermediate Peter Kruskopfs Snowboard (Dec 12, 2013)
I have Mike to blame or thank for my Snowboarding obsession. I was an avid Skiier when Mike encouraged me to try riding. I was able to get started pretty quickly due to Mike's coaching. He was patient and gave me confidence with those first front side turns. His passion and enthusiasm for riding make it pleasure each time I go out on the Mountain with him. His coaching is thoughtful and well placed that gives me new goals to reach.

Pro Loren Dailey Snowboard (Dec 12, 2013)
I had the privilege of working with Mike for a season at Mount Snow. He helped me a ton that season with training for my level 2 certification. He is a very knowledgable coach, and a generally fun guy to be around. I would absolutely recommend a day of riding with him to anyone at any level.

Pro Cindy Shoer Snowboard (Dec 12, 2013)
Hi Mike, Thanks for training with me at Mount Snow. Your input and suggestions were invaluable. The drill you gave me allowed me to move over a hump I'd been stuck at for awhile. Looking forward to riding with you again!

Pro Allison Malcolm Carroll Snowboard (Dec 12, 2013)
Mike has so much enthusiasm for riding and teaching, it is infectious. He never stops thinking of ways to improve the learning experience, the teaching experience, or his own riding. He is incredibly constructive and always brings his best to the mountain.

Review your experience with Mike
  • Level 1 Snowboard @

  • Matt

    Level 7 Snowboard @

    Great work. You have done a great job with pivoting the board around. The big thing you need to add is more edge pressure tip to tail. You've been getting some feedback on the body position, and that is an effect, not a cause of what you are trying to fix. Fix the pressure, and the body position will matter far less, perhaps not at all at the end.

  • Matt

    Level 6 Snowboard @ Mount Snow

    Great job with this run. Balance, control and creativity. This little segment had it all.