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I Teach: Snowboard, Adaptive, Snowboard (Freestyle)
Programs: Private Lessons, Group Lessons, Snow Camp (4-6 yr old), Riglet Snowboard (4-6 yr old), Mount Camp / Riders (7-14 yr old)
Gender: Female
Age: ??
Years Teaching: 15
Certifications: AASI Snowboard Level II, PSIA-AASI Children Specialists Level I
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I have been snowboarding for more than 20 years. Snowboarding has become a lifestyle for me. Being an instructor has given me patience to teach people, understand them and help them enjoy the hill. Snowboarding may not always be easy, but it is always fun!

I love sharing my passion for snowboarding with my students. I have had success teaching students of all ages and abilities. I feel an amazing sense of pride when my students succeed. Let me help you learn how to snowboard!

When I'm not snowboarding I enjoy biking, hiking and golfing and I always have a view of the mountains that I love so much.
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Intermediate Anthony Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Feb 21, 2017)
Morgan is the best! My son has been snowboarding 1-2 a season for years but the progress he made this year with Morgan was beyond my expectations! Anthony is a timid snowboarder. Prefers the bunny hills, will cautiously attempt greens.. Morgan had him at the top of the mountain riding easy blues. Not only was Morgan a fantastic instructor, Anthony loved riding with her! Morgan truly went above and beyond. Thank you Morgan we all had an awesome weekend at Mount Snow thanks to you!!

Beginner Jessica Silva Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Dec 19, 2016)
Morgan really, really rocks. She's VERY observant and can easily pick up on where you need to make adjustments so you can start feeling confident and successful ASAP--as a beginner I've found that this is the most important piece; far too often you get discouraged and frustrated too early on which makes your time on the mountain not so great. Morgan will be sure to find references that are relevant to you, and helps to keep things fun with her great attitude and patience. Coming from someone who was completely clueless after two years of group lessons, I came out of my private lesson feeling on top of the world. I most definitely will be booking my next lesson with her again!

Beginner Damian Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Apr 01, 2016)
Morgan is the greatest. This is my sons first year riding but after the lesson with Morgan he comes running to me saying dada no more magic carpets for me Morgan brought me on the lift. It was enough to make any fathers heart melt. Now he's riding the lifts working on his feathering and his confidence level is through the roof all thanks to Morgan. We will be back and we will be looking for her as she is now his master Yoda.

Beginner Daniel Snowboard in a Group Lesson (Mar 25, 2016)
I took a lesson with Morgan last week! Nervous, I thought I would feel like a geek! I'm awkward and clumsy I usually fall. I didn't want to look dumb-sky or fly into a wall. But take one class with Morgan and you will be hooked With glee, I howled like an organ!! I am so glad I booked! She'll show you the basics step by step, one by one then haul your ass up the mountain, so you can shred up some fun! she taught me to gear up and glide heal edge and toe and then turn side to side. With out fear or foe. She puts safety first, and won't let you quit! She will cheer you on and an pull you up if you sit! Bitton's got this show down You'll never see a frown On anyone near her in this little ski town. or on one of her students who all love her prudence. If you're thinking of booking the best teacher by far, I just have to let my feelings out of the jar! You have got to book Morgan, she's great! It's True! I simply can't wait 'till I sign up for class 2 She's so much fun and really got me quite far! Next time I'm up there, we're gonna' shred up the gnar!

Intermediate Jeffrey S. Hunt Snowboard in a Group Lesson (Mar 24, 2016)
It was about 5 or 6 years since i have ridden and i was in dire need of a refresher class. by the time i was done i felt like i was back to when i was able to get to the slopes a few times a season. She fixed a couple bad habits i picked up along the way and taught me a lot of new things as well. Her biggest strength is probably assessing first your ability and then your learning style and teaching to that but with a healthy amount of pressure. And just to top it off, we had a chance to talk about boarding and just generally chat on the lift. can you really beat an instructor that can teach and keep you entertained as well?

Beginner Joanne Schickerling Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Feb 22, 2016)
I am a complete beginner and was very nervous. Morgan was so great with her advice, giving me confidence and keeping me calm. She was very patient with me in helping me go at my own pace! I would definitely recommend Morgan to anyone looking to take up snowboarding and I will be going back for more lessons with her!

Intermediate Gabriella "Gidget" H. Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Feb 19, 2016)
We first met Morgan at an industry event outside of Mount Snow, where she is an instructor. My daughter Gidget, who is 10 and an avid snowboarder with big goals, thought she was "super cool" and when it was time to schedule a pre-season warm up lesson, she asked if we could book the lesson with Morgan. Morgan is not only warm and welcoming; she epitomizes the spirit of snowboarding, and that of Mount Snow itself. It's that kind of attitude that led us to make the decision to put our daughter into one of the season-long snowboarding programs up there. Morgan is patient, attentive, and went out of her way to not only make Gidget feel comfortable during their lesson, but to make sure she had fun. Morgan never ever hesitates to stop and say hello and chat for a few minutes when we run into her at the mountain. I have recommended Morgan to other parents looking to put their young riders into supplemental lessons, parents who are looking to introduce their child to riding, and even to adults who want to learn to snowboard.

Intermediate Ashley Snowboard in a Group Lesson (Feb 09, 2016)
Morgan is an amazing instructor. She's very knowledgeable about the technical aspects of the sport of snowboarding. In a group setting, she was able to assess the entire group, while still giving me personal coaching specific to my needs. She will attack the mountain with youthful exuberance one minute, and in the next break down your riding strengths and weaknesses. Followed by easy to comprehend instruction to help you improve your riding. I believe anyone of any skill level can benefit from riding with Morgan.

Pro Jeremiah Dixon Snowboard (Feb 02, 2016)
Morgan is a fun, knowledgable and talented coach. Learn to ride with this lady she rocks!

Beginner Alyssa Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Jan 18, 2016)
Morgan was great! She really helped me understand the concepts of boarding I was unclear on and she taught me a lot in the short time we had. I hope to take another lesson soon!

Beginner Sarah Noyes Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Jan 17, 2016)
I am a beginner snowboarder who hadn't been on the mountain in about 5 years. In one hour long lesson, Morgan had reviewed the basics and got me comfortable hitting the slope. She explains things very simply, which was so helpful. She is also extremely friendly and easy to talk to. The hour lesson flew by. I have had a few private lessons in my time, and she is by far the best instructor I have experienced. Would definitely book her again!

Beginner Kiger Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Jan 13, 2016)
My 2 kids and I were excited to try out our new equipment but had never been up snowboarding . Not easy to keep a older dad and a young 12 year old quick study interested and excited . Packed a lot of great knowledge and hands on drills into the 2 hours and by the afternoon we were having a great time testing our new skills ! Great attitude , patience and expertise for sure !!

Beginner Justin Marconi Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Jan 01, 2016)
I'm a beginner from Cocoa Beah Fl and Morgan was awesome! I've been snowboarding a couple of times and when I took a private from Morgan all of the things that I had trouble with before, she was able to explain and demonstrate them. Pretty much in one hour she had me very confident in progressing higher up the mountain. I highly recommend her as a instructor and she is also very friendly and knowledgeable when it comes to questions.

Beginner Mike Bonaldo Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Dec 07, 2015)
My 5 year old daughter had a private lesson with Morgan and she absolutely loved it. Ella had such a fun time with Morgan.. She had a smile on her face the whole time and really progressed in her riding.

Beginner Katherine Snowboard (Feb 16, 2015)
Morgan is an amazing instructor. She was able to guide me in making small changes in my posture which resulted on major improvements in my riding. In an hour, I went from leaning back and feeling off balance to having a proper stance and feeling confident in my turns.

Beginner LORI PAULOWSKEY Snowboard in a Private Lesson (Feb 08, 2015)
Morgan is a great instructor!! She helped us build our snowboarding skills. Morgan's teaching style and explanations were encouraging and fun. We had such a great first day with her, we signed up to be with her for a second day of private lessons. Thanks Morgan!!

Beginner Zach Snowboard (Feb 01, 2015)
Morgan was an excellent instructor She made it very easy for me to understand everything I needed to know! I started as a first timer and now I can't wait to snow board again. Thanks to Morgan's help!

Beginner Bruno fang Snowboard (Jan 04, 2015)
Morgan was an excellent teacher. She understands the mechanics of snowboarding, is very patient and has a great attitude. She got me from barely going down the bunny hill to a blue in 3 classes! I highly recommend her.

Beginner Cassandra Snowboard (Mar 03, 2014)
As a beginner snowboarder, who was fearful to hop on a board, my experience with Morgan was more than excellent. During my private session with her, not only did I get over my fear of boarding down a BUNNY hill but had fun while doing it! While I still need practice -- and will definitely be going to her again -- I am so happy with how much I learned. I can now do both toe- and heel-side turns!! What I appreciated the most is that Morgan was able to break down instructions in layman's terms and relate them to my daily activities or sports/hobbies. Overall, I'm so very glad I decided to take a lesson since it was more than worth it!! She is the BEST, and I highly recommend her to anyone (beginner, intermediate or advanced)!!

Beginner T.P. Snowboard (Feb 27, 2014)
Morgan is a terrific instructor. Took 2 lessons with her at Mt. Snow and was able to make surprising progress after a day of trying to teach myself -- which was, um, less successful. OK, so my 7 y.o. criticizes my riding style (he's right), but I had a great time, and found Morgan to be not only a great instructor but good company as well! She is very patient and was able to calmly remind me on multiple occasions about the same mistake(s) without the edge I get when I'm frustrated by repeating the same directions to someone who can't/won't comply. My two cents: you will make a lot more progress if you start with some lessons from a great instructor. Heading back for more!

Beginner Bonnie Snowboard (Feb 27, 2014)
Last weekend my 2 daughters (ages 6 and 8) took snowboard lessons with Morgan. This was the first time my daughters went snowboarding and they learned so much from Morgan and had so much fun that they may never ski again. She was able to teach both girls with different athletic abilities at the same time and make them both feel confident with their individual accomplishments. It was a very positive experience for us and we highly recommend Morgan as a snowboard instructor.

Intermediate Michael Snowboard (Feb 16, 2014)
A self-taught snowboarder, I decided it was time to take a lesson have someone analyze my fundamentals. I was seeking increased confidence and control though all conditions — from bumps to ice to powder. Morgan was a terrific instructor and great person with whom to spend a few hours on the mountain. After the first run, she quickly analyzed my riding style and took me into the lodge to change my setup which was not ideal for my size and style. During the lesson, Morgan had a knack for observing and listening to how i described my riding and then demonstrating and describing subtle changes — to the point where I was having "A-ha" moments every 10 minutes. I finished the lesson a more confident and better snowboarder. I would recommend her without hesitation!

Advanced Richard P. Snowboard (Feb 15, 2014)
Had a chance to ride with morgan a few times. I've never had a formal lesson so I've picked up alot of bad habits along the way. Having morgan point out some corrections and getting some really good technical tips to do with my feet has really helped make my riding 10x better. Just like everything in life you can always learn something I learned from someone who made it very easy to understand how to take the next step in making better turns.

Beginner Cindy Aiena (Braden & Tiernan) Snowboard (Feb 03, 2014)
My two boys took a beginner snowboard 1 hr class with Morgan. While they had both skied for many years, neither had ever been on a snowboard and wanted to try it. We were a little nervous since they can get frustrated easily. They loved it so much they begged to have more time with her and we signed up for a three hour session for the next day with Morgan. They loved every minute of it. They were so excited at the end of the day. They had a great time and learned so much. They can't wait to go back and have requested more time with Morgan because she was so nice and fun and they learned so much. This from the boys who didn't want an instructor at all and thought they could teach themselves!! She was great with the kids. They can be a handful but she handled it with grace and humor. We even got a video at the end of the lesson. I could not have been more impressed and pleased with their first experience snowboarding and am so grateful we lucked out meeting Morgan. We will definitely be back for more lessons - with Morgan!!

Intermediate Margo K Snowboard (Jan 27, 2014)
Having a lesson with Morgan has definetely taken me to the next level in snowboarding. She communicated very well the mistakes in my form and technique, and made it so easy for me to understand what I needed to do to improve my skills. From early in the lesson, my confidence was being built by the immediate results she was able to help me along with. I was lucky to have found her as an instructor, and I hope she gets the chance to share her talent with many more that are looking to learn.

Advanced Pinar Snowboard (Dec 31, 2013)
I had the pleasure of riding with Morgan in a women's clinic few years ago. She was tremendously observant and with full of tips to improve my control over my snowboard. Her analysis in my riding and comfort zone were very strong and she could immediately find ways to teach me how to encounter a move and how to advance it. At the end of the clinic, I was working on my nose-butters and little tricks that makes riding more fun. Back then, I was an intermediate rider who is ready to explore more advanced riding but did not have the guidance. Thanks to her, it was a wonderful two days constant improvement and fun. This year, building up on those skills, I became a snowboard instructor. Riding with Morgan for few hours will have a huge impact in your riding, you will advance your skills and jump into a new comfort and fun zone!!! Her being witty, smart and fun is extra-bonus to have a wonderful day of riding.

Intermediate Petra Maxwell Snowboard (Dec 30, 2013)
Morgan is awesome. My son's riding improved 150% during the season in just a couple of lessons with her. He likes her too. since she is great with kids. Before, my son didn't really get what he was doing wrong but then Morgan explained a couple of things really clearly and then it just clicked. He thought it was an awesome experience.

Advanced Petra Maxwell Snowboard (Dec 30, 2013)
Morgan Bitton was amazing!! I can't recommend her enough as a snowboard instructor. I'm a decent rider already, so I needed an instructor who was going to assess my strengths and weaknesses and push me. Morgan really knows what she's doing and can communicate the information really clearly - super important when you're getting frustrated on the mountain. Plus, she's fun to ride with. Highly recommend her!!

Intermediate Michael Khan Snowboard (Dec 21, 2013)
Morgan is a fantastic instructor! She is excellent at breaking down instruction into easy to understand directions, she adjusts her lessons based on how you are responding/progressing, and she is very patient. Lessons with Morgan have definitely helped me progress and enhanced my riding - do yourself a favor and book a lesson with her!

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